MicroTrend™ System

A non-invasive device to measure the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the oral mucosal tissue (POMCO2)

Hypoperfusion is the inadequate delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to body tissue and organs.  When left unresolved, it can result in organ failure and death.


Hypoperfusion is a medical emergency and its early detection is a serious challenge for healthcare providers.


ExoStat Medical has developed a non-invasive, innovative technology solution to address this challenging unmet need. The MicroTrend System is a point of care device for measuring the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in oral mucosal tissue (POMCO2).


POMCO2 may be used with other hemodynamic parameters to support assessment of patient status and physician interpretation of tissue hypoperfusion.

INTENDED USE / INDICATIONS FOR USE: The MicroTrend System is indicated for monitoring oral mucosal pCO2. It is indicated for use in hospital patients. This device is indicated for use by qualified medical personnel only. The MicroTrend system is for use on adults.

Refer to the MicroTrend Instructions for Use for relevant warnings, precautions, complications, and contraindications.

FDA regulatory status: The MicroTrend System is not FDA cleared for market distribution in the United States. Substantially equivalent safety and effectiveness has not been established.