Business Opportunity

An innovative technology breakthrough.

The Market Opportunity


The urgent need for an early-warning system to monitor tissue pCO2 and alert medical caregivers to potential tissue hypoperfusion is clear and immediate. ExoStat Medical has developed a novel device that employs proprietary technology to meet this crucially important and rapidly growing need.


A noninvasive monitoring device, the MicroTrend™ System features a micro sensor embedded in a hands-free mouth clip located in the buccal mucosa tissue of the mouth. The MicroTrend System provides 4-hours of trending tissue pCO2 data to assist the physician in interpretation of tissue hypoperfusion. Patient populations include those in ERs, ICUs, perioperative units, dialysis centers, burn centers, nursing homes, recovery rooms, ventilation weaning units and environments where the critically ill and injured are located.


Independent Market Assessment

ExoStat Medical engaged Deloitte Consulting to provide ExoStat Medical with a market analysis that quantified the addressable markets in three subsets:

  • Sepsis/ICU/ER
  • Peri-operative, dialysis, burn centers, ventilator weanings, etc.
  • Total (domestic and international)


The report delivered by Deloitte included the potential number of units that could be sold, competition, pricing considerations, and other pertinent information. In summary, the addressable market and revenue potential are substantial and there are currently no competitors for a real time, point of care, non invasive, multi-hour monitoring sensor for tissue hypoperfusion.

Strategic Market Advantages


Tissue Hypoperfusion is a medical emergency.  There is a large, unmet market for a technology solution that addresses this need. Below are the market advantages of this device:


  • Hundreds of supporting studies, tests and peer-reviewed papers indicate the importance of early identification of tissue hypoperfusion.
  • The technology embedded in the MicroTrend System is novel, disruptive and proprietary and there is no direct competition.
  • The disposable sensor is non-invasive (point-of-care bedside), and displays data in real-time.
  • ExoStat owns patents for both the design and application of the most distinguishable features of the MicroTrend technology.
  • A broad market study identifies a huge, unmet market for the MicroTrend System’s pCO2 monitoring technology
  • The MicroTrend System sensor is disposable, creating “a razorblade paradigm” for sales and marketing.


ExoStat Medical has established relationships with medical institutions and healthcare professionals, including physicians and clinical research experts who are expected to become early adopters of the MicroTrend System. Our highly skilled R&D team and advisors have more than 100 years of combined product design experience, and our company is guided by a highly experienced management team and Board of Directors. ExoStat Medical is fully funded and has no debt.

Intensive care physicians, anesthesiologists and surgeons need a simple and reliable tool to measure systemic tissue perfusion continuously and in real time. Data from pre-clinical and clinical studies on oral mucosa pCO2 are very promising, and MicroTrend™ has the potential to be that important tool. Clinical studies will be important to prove this.”


Tor Inge Tønnessen

Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway