Company Background

We are a Minnesota-based, privately held company engaged in the development of an innovative, hands-free sensoring/monitoring system to measure partial pressure of carbon dioxide (“pCO2”) in the oral mucosal tissue. The device is called the MicroTrend™ System.


Our pioneering leadership in the field dates back over 20 years, with a variety of important developments in the measurement of tissue pCO2.

Early 2000s

The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine (WICCM) obtains a number of significant patents from its groundbreaking, and clinically corroborated, research on the connection between tissue hypoperfusion and CO2 levels in bodily mucosal tissue.



ExoStat’s predecessor, Optical Sensors, Inc., enters a patent agreement with WICCM and develops the first and only cleared-to-market device to measure pCO2 in sublingual tissue.



ExoStat is spun off from its parent company in order to focus efforts and resources on developing an improved version of the technology.



ExoStat enters into a long-term patent licensing and technology agreement with SensoCure, AS, a Norwegian sensor development company that holds several key sensor technology patents



The new MicroTrendTM System features a 4-hour hands free monitoring system that
provides tissue pCO2 data to be used in combination with other hemodynamic markers to assist in the identification of tissue perfusion.

The Weil Institute Of Critical Care Medicine has, since 1998, emphasized the importance of potentially monitoring  pCO2 levels in the oral cavity of critical care patients as a surrogate indication of tissue hypoperfusion in the gut. We are proud to have partnered with ExoStat Medical in developing the new MicroTrend System which can now provide this important data.”


Wanchun Tang

President/Director, WICCM
Professor of Emergency Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine